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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are Old Wisconsin meat products gluten free?

  • What do the “Sell By” or “Use By” dates mean?

  • Are “Keep Refrigerated” Old Wisconsin products fully cooked and ready to eat?

  • What is sodium erythorbate?

  • When calling, writing or emailing with comments, what information will Old Wisconsin need?

  • How long is the product good for once the package is opened?

  • Can Old Wisconsin products be frozen?

  • What does it mean if mold is observed in an unopened package?

  • What is the nutritional information for the 0.5oz Beef Stick and 0.5oz Turkey Stick?

  • What is the location and hours of your factory store?

  • Do your products contain MSG?

  • What is your lactic acid starter culture derived from?

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