Natural Cut

Introducing Natural CutShadow

Introducing Natural Cut

We’re proud to introduce Natural Cut, our line of all-natural products. Natural Cut products contain 100% natural ingredients. That means no MSG, nitrates, binders, fillers, extenders or preservatives.

While the ingredients may differ slightly, Natural Cut products are still made using only the finest ingredients and spices, and authentically hardwood smoked for the signature Old Wisconsin flavor you know and love.

Look for the following Natural Cut products in a store near you:

  • Beef Summer Sausage: 6 oz.
  • Original Summer Sausage: 6 oz.
  • Beef Snack Bites: 6 oz.
  • Turkey Snack Bites: 6 oz.
  • Beef Snack Sticks: 6 oz.
  • Turkey Snack Sticks: 6 oz.
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