Natural Cut

NC Post-Workout SnackShadow

Real Ingredients, Real Flavor

We're proud to introduce Natural Cut, all-natural versions of some of your favorite Old Wisconsin products. Natural Cut products are free of preservatives and artificial ingredients, making it easy to know exactly what you're eating.

  • NC Snack Bites
    Natural Snack Bites

    Old Wisconsin Snack Bites are already the natural choice for on-the-go snacking. Now they’re available in two delicious, all-natural varieties.

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  • NC Beef Snack Sticks
    Natural Snack Sticks

    When you bite into an Old Wisconsin Natural Cut Snack Stick, you can rest assured you’re enjoying 100% natural flavor. Now available in beef and turkey varieties.

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  • NC 3 Pack Meat and Cheese
    3 Pack Meat and Cheese

    All good things come in threes, which is why we’ve tripled the number of servings packed into our new Meat and Cheese snack selections. Enjoy in two classic combinations!

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  • NC Breakfast Cuts
    Natural Cut Breakfast Cuts

    Breakfast is served with Old Wisconsin’s Natural Cut Breakfast Cuts! —available in Applewood Smoked and Maple Ham—are sure to make your next breakfast a hearty one.

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