Natural Casing Smokehouse Wieners Are Back

Smokehouse WienersShadow

The people have spoken, so we got smokin’

“Bring back the Smokehouse Wiener!” It’s a hungry cry we hear everywhere we go! Well, Wisconsin, we’ve heard you. So, just in time for summer, we’ve made room in our smokehouses to cook up a limited run of our state’s most desirable dog.

Now you can fire up the grill, crack open a cold one and bite into our perfectly seasoned, expertly smoked blend of the choicest pork and beef cuts. It’s a tasty salute to the season in a snappy natural casing, and it’s only available in Wisconsin for a limited time.

The Old Wisconsin Smokehouse Weiner: It’s the return of a legend that everyone is talking about. See a few of our favorite tributes below.

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