Buddig Wrapped Mini Cheese Balls

Buddig Wrapped Mini Cheese Balls Shadow

When you need a delicious appetizer and time is of the essence, turn to our Buddig Wrapped Mini Cheese Balls. Grab a few packages of Buddig lunchmeat next time you buy some Old Wisconsin, and you’ll have a starter to savor.


  • 7 oz cheddar cheese spread
  • 4 oz cream cheese
  • 9 oz Old Wisconsin Summer Sausage
  • 2 oz Buddig Ham
  • 2 oz Buddig Turkey
  • 2 oz Buddig Beef
  • 30 ea skewers - small bamboo


  • Bring cheddar cheese spread and cream cheese to room temperature.
  • Remove skin from summer sausage, cut into 1/4" thick slices, then dice into small chunks.
  • Sauté sausage until lightly browned. Drain on paper towel-lined plate, let cool and discard rendered fat.
  • Mix cheddar cheese spread, cream cheese and summer sausage in a bowl.
  • On a cutting board, lay out sliced Buddig meats and scoop 1 oz of mixture onto meat. Fold meat over mixture to form a little ball or pillow. Skewer to seal, and serve.
  • Feel free to add cucumber slices, grape tomatoes or anything else you'd like to dress up your skewers!

Nutritional Facts:

Per serving (daily value): Calories 103kcal; Protein 7g (13%); Total Fat 8g (12%)(Sat. 4g (18%), Mono. 1g, Poly. 0.5g); Chol. 22mg (7%); Carb. 2g (1%); Fiber 0g (0%); Sugars 0.2g; Calcium 84mg (8%); Iron 0.3mg (2%); Magnesium 4mg (1%); Phosphorus 122mg (12%); Potassium 80mg (2%); Sodium 510mg (21%); Zinc 0.4mg (3%); Copper 0.01mg (0%); Manganese 0.01mg; Selenium 2μg; Vit. C 0mg (0%); Vit. B1 0.05mg (3%); Vit. B2 0.1mg (6%); Vit. B3 0.6mg (3%); Vit. B5 0.1mg (1%); Vit. B6 0.02mg (1%); Folate 1.7μg; Fol. acid 0μg; Food fol. 2μg; Diet. fol. eq. 2μg (0%); Vit. B12 0.1μg (1%); Vit. A 203IU (4%); Vit. A (RAE) 27μg; Vit. A1 27μg; Vit. E 0.02mg (0%); Vit. K 0.2μg; Alpha-carotene 0μg; Beta-carotene 7μg; Beta-cryptoxanthin 0μg; Lycopene 0μg; Lutein+Zeozanthin 0μg; Alcohol 0g; Caff. 0mg; Vit. D (IU) 2IU (0%); Starch 0.03g; Theobromine 0mg; Phytosterols 0mg; Sugar alcohol 0g; Trans fat 0g; Glutamic acid 0.6g; Choline 2mg; Vit. D 0.05μg

Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Total Time: 40 Minutes
Makes: 15 Servings of 2 each
Cost: $0.56/per serving

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